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Monday, January 23, 2012

Unexpectedly Expecting - And It Isn't Me For Once!

After the short novel I shared with you yesterday, you'd think I'd be all out of things to say, but since I'm trying to be a more faithful blogger, and since I recently received some major news that I am now allowed to share with all of you, it's not. No, I'm not pregnant. Remember, I told you that one of the things that happened while I was in the wilderness listening for banjo music was that I started my cycle. My womb is a barren wasteland. But, someone else has a womb that is not.
Several days ago I got the phone call. Not THE phone call. Not, like, “Go! Now. Your special ninja skills are necessary and the president needs you to fall down on some terrorists and stop their evil plot!” (Falling down is about the only ninja skill I have, so I imagine that's the only one I'd get a call about.) No, I got the call that I am going to be an aunt again. Not great aunt, which is plausible since I already have one adorable great niece and several nieces and nephews who are now of breeding age, no, just aunt of the garden variety. But, this seems somewhat bizarre since I am the only one of my parents' 4 daughters who hasn't had her tubes tied, and although my brother did recently remarry, I'm pretty certain she had her tubes tied as well. Hm.
It turns out that, 9 years after she had her surgery to prevent this sort of thing happening, the sister who is closest to me in age is, well... pregnant. After what she assumed was a waste of $10 of home pregnancy test turned out to be positive, she had lab work done to confirm it. Also positive, and dating the pregnancy at around 7 weeks, it turns out she was expecting. She then had an ultrasound to make sure that the baby was growing where it was supposed to be, rather than in a tube, and lo and behold, there in her uterus was a 7 week (give or take a day) baby with a strong heartbeat. So, although to say that we were somewhat surprised is a bit of an understatement (Especially my sister, who took the test at my parents' house because she was so sure it was a waste of time and money.), we are all now very excited about the prospect of a new little baby to love. (Also, pretty much everyone who hears this story ends up looking around all shifty and hoping that their tubal doesn't fail. The squirming is pretty fun.)
Upon hearing the news, once I could speak again, I said two things. 1) “This baby must have been meant to be,” and 2) “Better you than me, sister!” I stand by those statements, however, the fact that my baby girl turned the ripe old age of 4 yesterday does make me slightly green with envy at the idea of a new little baby to love. But, as an aunt, I still get to do all kinds of loving and spoiling... and then give it back. Heh heh heh....

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