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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Revenge of the Lego Blocks

   Nothing says love like giving your 25 year old Lego blocks to your own children to play with. Correction. Nothing says love like spending hours scrubbing your husband's 25 year old Lego blocks by hand so that he can give them to your children to play with.
I had to fight tooth and nail to hang on to anything of mine from childhood. If I didn't hide it, my mother would throw it away, give it away, or yard sale it. Almost nothing from my childhood survived her. My husband, however, appears to have managed to save every scrap of anything he ever played with, wore, and potentially even looked at in his entire life. I'm not really sure how he managed that since it's an utterly foreign concept to me, but whatever.
Anyway, recently, Hunny and the oldest boy made a trip to visit and returned with the long fabled Lego's of his youth. Unfortunately, they'd been in storage for a number of years, and prior to storing, had been in the home of my father-in-law who, although now reformed, used to smoke like a freight train. A little scrubbing was necessary before I could hand them off to my children. It took me literally 4 hours to scrub all of these Lego blocks. Once I did, my children were in hog heaven. You would have thought I had opened a chest full of gold doubloons and placed them in the center of the living room floor for their enjoyment. Better yet, it was Legos. Oddly, once Daddy's Lego blocks were available, their own blocks lost all appeal. I have no explanation for this, although Hunny would argue that his old school Legos are simply so imbued with awesomeness that they eclipse even their modern counterparts. Whatever the reason, I have only one question. Is there a decorating style that's noted for it's liberal use of tiny building blocks throughout the floor space? Because I'm not allowed to put them away, and I'm starting to think I should just decorate the rest of the living room to go with the current theme.
I've tried to contain them to this beach towel and met with limited success.  At least 6 times a day, I have to go through and play Lego round up.  I know there's no such thing as too many Legos, but I'm starting to wonder every time I step on one....


  1. OMG, I ADORE LEGOS!! That was our main toy in my family when I was a kid. We just kept them all in a huge shallow bin. I still remember the sound it made when we raked through the legos to find a piece we wanted. :)

  2. The same goes for us...I didn't save much from my childhood, but we've brought home 4 rubbermaid tubs of Legos from hubby's parents' and I'm told there's more...PLUS, my mommy-in-law continues to buy updated ones at yard sales! Oh, well! I expect it's worth the interest our 4yo has in them--hopefully, it won't ever wane!

  3. I have a step father that has an entire room dedicated to his Lego models ( I am talking BIG models) It is only a matter of time until I can no longer hold them back and my home is invaded by these bottom of the feet piercing weapons! I am simply trying to prepare myself ahead of time